Anchor Design Training

Technical trainings to maximize your productivity

  • Are you choosing the best anchor for your application?
  • What regulations and products are relevant for post-installed rebar and overlay design?
  • Is the designed baseplate actually rigid?

If such questions pop-up again and again in your mind, then this is the training for you!


We realize that design with post-installed anchors and rebar is a crucial, but small part of your daily work. To help optimize this step in your workflow, we have designed a series of trainings.

Topics range from anchor and rebar basics to advanced application design concepts and are relevant for fresh graduate engineers and experienced engineers.

The content is prepared by Hilti experts and is available for you digitally, as well as in face-to-face sessions. These trainings will enable you to unlock the potential of Hilti PROFIS Engineering software and efficiently design optimized connections.


The Engineering Training can help save up to 50% on design time

Our technical trainings provide a strong foundation in connection design with post-installed anchors and rebar. The training will provide you with the following benefits:

  • An up-to-date overview of the regulatory landscape and how this impacts baseplate, concrete-to-concrete and overlay design
  • Knowledge of how to use the full functionality of PROFIS Engineering to design connections faster
  • Continuing professional development credits and an attendance certificate from Hilti
  • Access to regularly updated and continuously growing digital content on fastener design

Engineering training modules

Anchoring to concrete

  • Overview of anchor types and their working principles
  • Main factors influencing correct anchor selection
  • Overview of design regulations and how product manufacturers provide technical data that adheres to these regulations
  • Detailed look into static design proofs of EN1992-4 and comparison of the key differences from ETAG 001, thereby ensuring that your design is code complaint
  • Overview of typical challenges of the entire steel-to-concrete connection. Hands-on demonstration of how best to use PROFIS Engineering to design optimized connections.

Concrete-to-concrete connections

  • Introduction to the basics of post-installed rebar and fasteners used in concrete-to-concrete applications
  • Overview of European regulatory landscape for concrete-to-concrete applications
  • Detailed look into concrete overlay design and specification for both anchors and post-installed rebar
  • Detailed look into concrete intersection design and specification
  • Detailed look into concrete extension design and specification



Whether you are an experienced engineer or a graduate engineer just starting your career, Hilti’s digital learning platform has something for you. It covers the modules Anchor and post-installed rebar basics, Regulatory Landscape and Application design.

Why Hilti E-learning?

  • Flexible learning as the content is available all the time
  • Clear, easy-to-digest content
  • Regular quizzes provide self checks to ensure understanding
  • Access granted within your Hilti PROFIS Engineering software
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Face-to-face training

Is your baseplate connection truly rigid? What challenges arise when assuming a baseplate is rigid? This 60-minute training session, which is available with PROFIS Engineering Premium, covers the Baseplate design module and provides clarity on these questions.

Why Hilti face-to-face training?

  • Highly-trained experts maximize your learning experience
  • Relevant content tailored for your business
  • Hands-on software demo to help you learn and start making use of design efficiencies
  • Earn Continuing Professional Development credits
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